Laura L. Cotton Personal Chef Service
Contact: 440 423 0427

What's for Dinner?

Healthful, Affordable, Delicious Meals - prepared in your home

The Cook Day

Once you approve the proposed menu, Chef Laura gets to work editing each recipe to meet your specific needs. 

She packs her pantry items and equipment

shops for all the fresh ingredients

and arrives at your home mid-day to begin the preparations. 

Her years of experience help her unload, set up, cook 10 nights worth of dinners, package, label and clean up in about 4 hours. 

You return home to fragrant aromas, your refrigerator and freezer filled with delicious meals and often an extra touch to complete the service.  Each menu includes a rating/feedback scale.  Clients on a regular rotation also discover their proposed menu suggestions for their next cook day with their reserved date.  Clients are asked to make menu changes 7 days in advance.