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Dear Laura

I cannot begin to tell you what an impact you have had on our quality of life!  Coming home after a busy day to a kitchen filled with yummy aromas and our refrigerator filled with food is such a treat!  I can now focus on my family instead of stressing about what we'll figure out at the last minute for dinner.

Meriweather M.

Baltimore, MD

Hey, Chef!

It is crazy how much happier the dogs are, let alone our stomachs after you've been here!  Thank you especially for your seasonal fresh fruit salads - it is nothing like we can get at even the most expensive shops.  Knowing that my other half does not eat meat, yet somehow you make the service work for BOTH of is amazing.

Roselin F.

Ellicott City, MD

Oh, Laura

After making up my mind to change my lifestyle, I was most concerned about how to work in the special diet portion.  I would have trouble finding the ingredients, let alone figure out how to cook them!  Thank you for figuring out how to make it work.  You adjusted your service to fit my needs.  As my needs changed, you continued to come up with creative ways to make it delicious and interesting.  I feel better now than I have in my whole life.  Forever grateful!

Cheryl B.

Indianapolis, IN

Dear Laura,

OMG!  Was this the best food I ever tasted, or what?  It was exquisite!  The steaks were so good, I tried to duplicate them but failed.  The stuffed manicotti and chicken bundles were delicious as well.  I can't wait to have you cook for us again!

Richard S.

Beachwood, OH

Chef Laura:

Thank you for helping out with our party.  I am so glad to have your help planning, implementing and cooking!  Things are always so much nicer when you add your special touch.

Elisabeth S.

Hunting Valley, OH


For the record, these meals are absolutely delicious. Today I enjoyed the oatmeal for breakfast and the venison and squash for lunch. I feel satiated and great!!!! The food is fabulous.  I can't believe you can make my temporary elimation diet  food SO wonderful! 


Mayfield Heights, OH