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As a leading provider of home meal replacement services, Laura L. Cotton Personal Chef Service takes pride in offering her clients incredibly delicious meals unique to each one’s needs and palates. Since 1999, Laura L. Cotton Personal Chef Service has been cooking up wonderful dishes. Arriving with her ingredients, equipment and toolbox full of utensils and knives she served a full complement of clients in the Baltimore, MD area for nearly 10 years. She relocated to Indianapolis, IN where she balanced her time between Graduate Medical Education administration for physicians in training and helping clients who had special dietary needs. Now back in her hometown of Cleveland, Chef Laura is happy to be back in the kitchen full time.

Laura L. Cotton Personal Chef Service is dedicated to serving her clients the most delicious, healthful, and convenient meals imaginable. Her goal is to satisfy the hunger for comfort foods as well as prepare fresh fare with a contemporary twist.  Concentrating her efforts on menu planning, she strives to produce creative and well balance meal plans.